Step-by-Step Guide On Setting Up A Travel Trailer For First-Timers

Do you get worried when you think of your first journey in your new Travel Trailer?

Because you’ve never tried anything like this before, you’re not sure how to set things up. Yes, the dealer demonstrated how to use it, but do you clearly recall every step?

Here, I have written a step-by-step guide to setting up a travel trailer that is best for first-timers like you. Simply follow the simple instructions or take note of the steps in your handy notebook.

But first, allow me to tell you our story.

Our First Vacation On A Travel Trailer

first vacation on travel trailer

Our first vacation was really difficult for us because we had no idea where to begin or what to do.

We felt that learning by doing was a terrific idea, but it’s not the ideal thing to do when you’re out in the woods.

Yes, the person from whom we purchased the travel trailer did explain certain stuff to us, but we really can not recall everything two months later.

Thus, it is really a good idea to record yourself getting an introduction. But we didn’t do that, by the way.

Certain things are simply novel and unusual to accomplish.

Have you ever gotten rid of a black tank before? Right, and what is a black tank, exactly? Are you familiar with “surge protector”? 

Many new things may arise, and you will be unsure of what to do or how to accomplish it.

It’s always a good idea to be ready before you travel, so it is essential to prepare the must-haves when traveling with your RV, especially if it is your first time.

Ensure you don’t overlook anything important for the inside or outside of your camper. Despite the fact that we had no clue what a surge protector or a water purifier was, they were both highly recommended.

Quick List On Setting Up Your Travel Trailer

  1. Look over the area
  2. Level the wheels and put a chock on them
  3. Connect the power supply
  4. Connect the water supply
  5. Connect the sewage system
  6. Slideouts 

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Your Travel Trailer Up and Running

Step 1 

Check for low-hanging branches or large boulders on the surface before pulling into a campsite.

For parking your RV, try to find a level surface.

Step 2

Are you able to locate the electricity, water, and sewage connections?

If your RV has a slide-out on this side, park it close to them so you don’t have to use an extension cord, but far away if you haven’t.

Step 3

Level your RV or Travel Trailer and block the wheels with stones or stabilizing jacks once you’ve parked it.

Check the levels on the sides and back of your trailer to make sure it’s level.

Step 4

Stabilize it by lowering the legs.

Step 5 

Connect the power. I recommend utilizing a surge protector and then double-checking everything. Your RV cable should be plugged into the surge protector. Turn the circuit around.

Step 6

To the water faucet, connect your water pressure regulator and water filter, as well as your drinking water hose. Turn on the faucet.

Step 7

If the propane was turned off during the drive, turn it back on.

Step 8

Connect the waste-water outlet to your sewage hose. Use hose support for the dark water.

Step 9

Close the valves until you’re ready to drain. Depending on usage, empty your containers every 2-3 days.

Always open the valve to the black tank or toilet tank first, then the grey water tank valve or sink tank valve. The water from the grey water tank will wash out the hose.                                

Step 10

After the RV has been leveled, open the slide-outs.

Step 11

Open your awnings. But don’t forget to check the weather forecast for possible strong winds.

Step 12

Position your outdoor mat in front of the front door. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy time with your family until it’s time to pack up and move.

Simplified Steps on Setting Up Your RV or Travel Trailer

The steps above may be overwhelming especially for a first-timer like you, thus, I have also prepared a simplified version of it. Hope you are able to follow.

  1. The surge protector should be plugged into a power outlet.
  2. Connect the surge protector into the campsite’s electrical outlet activate the circuit breaker.
  3. Check if the light is blue = on, and there are two yellow lights for okay.
  4. Switch off the circuit breaker. 
  5. Insert the electric cord into your camper outlet and turn the plug to the right to secure it.
  6. Return to the campground electrical panel and activate the breaker switch.

Keep a lookout for our packing list if you’re not certain what to bring. Of course, you can bring anything that is important to you that you think you need during the camping or travel.

Guide On Packing Up Your Travel Trailer Camp Site

  1. Remove the black and grey tank. Fill your black and grey tank with the prescribed chemicals, such as the Happy Camper on Amazon or something similar.

          Alternatively, mix half a cup of Dawn dishwasher detergent with 3 gallons of water, set aside for half an hour,              then dump. Before putting the camper away, add a bio pod.

  1. Disconnect drainpipes, clean them, and store them. The sewer hose was put outside the chamber in a garbage bag.
  2. Dump your freshwater tank; you won’t be able to drive with the increased weight.
  3. Put the slides inside.
  4. Ensure that all windows are properly locked and that the antenna is in.
  5. Disconnect the power supply.
  6. Put your surge protector away.
  7. Connect the car to the trailer with a hitch.
  8. Connect the brake lights on the camper.
  9. Attach the weight distribution unit and anti-sway bar.
  10. Ensure that the parking brake is engaged.
  11. Then remove the chalks and levels and put them away.
  12. All storage hatches should be closed and locked.
  13. Bring in the steps.
  14. Before you leave, take one last walk around the car and trailer to make sure everything is in working order.
  15. Leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open; otherwise, the seals will become moldy and the interior will smell terrible.

Extra Tip Before Setting Up Your Travel Trailer            

While you wait for your RV to show up, you can do the following suggestions:

If this is your initial RV and you’re both excited and worried about the entire thing, rent an RV similar to yours and go on a short weekend trip near to home before you buy your own.

Try it out and get confidence in yourself. It’s hardly rocket science, but it’s helpful to know what you’re doing.

Make Sure You Don’t Make These RV Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable, especially if you are a first-time travel trailer owner or camper. But you don’t really have to go through making mishaps by learning from others.

Now, all you have to do is to ensure you don’t fall into the commit the same mistakes that we did.

On our first travels, this is what happened to us:

On our initial visits, we experienced a slew of mishaps. The most recent incident occurred while traveling on the highway when a window flew open wide.

This is not a good thing to happen since you must stop right away or the window may be shattered.

Or perhaps the antenna was still up while we were driving out from the campground and folks were waving at us.

We may have either forgotten about the steps while driving away, or we may have left the surge protector hooked in at the campsite and forgot about it when we came home. It was unquestionably a costly blunder.

Things To Keep In Mind Inside Your RV First And Foremost

Make certain that everything within the camper is stable and not fluttering around while you’re driving.

Additionally, avoid using glasses or porcelain utensils because they are easily damaged, particularly when cabinets open while moving. I mainly use plastic plates and bowls.

Check to see whether all of the cabinets are locked and if there is anything heavy on top of any shelves. Also, take a look at Storage Ideas.

We had it down after three or four trips. The Travel Trailer now sets up and disassembles like a well-oiled machine. However, it took some time for us to figure out what we were doing.

So just take it slow and gently, one step at a time. Take your time and don’t get too worked up over it.

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Setting up an RV or Travel Trailer might be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it will become easier with each trip.

The good news is that 95% of the campers are pleasant and willing to assist you with whatever problem you may have.

Simply take note of these guides and check off each step to ensure that everything is completed. Particularly, if you’re just starting out traveling through your RV and really don’t have an idea where to begin.

Now go forth and enjoy your excursions, but don’t forget to remember the packing items needed since when it comes to organizing the first road trip, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with the to-dos.

There are a lot of things to consider like how far should you travel, where should you park the Travel Trailer, should you make arrangements at a campground, and so on.

This is why it is beneficial to read guides first so you won’t get stuck or stressed when something happens on the road.