Top 10 Best Travel Trailer Hacks for More Space In Your RV

Is your RV not quite how you’d like it to be in terms of appearance and functionality? These easy travel trailer hacks can help you improve your RVing game and create a space you’ll like.

These campervan hacks can even be finished in a matter of minutes depending on the effort exerted, as well as, the availability of materials.

The limitation of storage capability and how everything looks are the two most common concerns we’ve heard from RV users, whether they bought it new or old.

Obviously, not every RV is created equal. I’ve watched RV tours and been green with jealousy at the amount of storage space they had.

Between its cabinet space and exterior compartments, they have a lot of clever tiny nooks and crannies.

On the other hand, I’ve had folks remark on how they wished their travel trailer had cupboards in the kitchen like ours.

However, I’ve never heard someone claim that their RV was flawless and didn’t require any changes. It will almost certainly need to be altered to fit the camper’s personality, style, and demands.

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You Can Make The Best Travel Trailer Hacks In Just A Few Hours

Whether you live in your Trailer full-time or only use it for weekends and summer vacations, a few clever RV hacks can help you get the most out of your space.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest RV hacks for items like RV draperies, RV storage, and improving the appearance of your RV, among other things.

1. Cover the dining seats with fabric you fancy

trailer hacks dining seats cover

The eating area was not simply a dining area where we ate our foods as RVers. If you’re with friends or your entire family, you wouldn’t all comfortably fit in the sleeping area without elbowing each other. The dining room can also become a sleeping lounge or workspace.

Thus, it would also be beneficial if you decorate the dining seats according to your needs – and it does not have to be anything really expensive.

In our situation, I really planned to take out the diner, burn the pieces, and start over, but we couldn’t because we were traveling at warp speed through the United States and Canada. As a result, we simply managed with it as is, and it worked.

If you don’t want to renovate that room right now, or ever, a no-sew solution for decorating dinette cushions is a great option. It will definitely transform the look of the room in no time, and it is so simple!

This is something I wished we had done before leaving on our trip. I used to give those hideous pillows the evil eye since they were so gloomy!

If you do choose to restore them, I strongly advise you to use durable upholstery fabric. We used our dinette frequently, and low-quality cloth would not have stood up to the pressure of time and use.

You’ll pay extra upfront, but you’ll save money in the long term if the fabric needs to be replaced.

2. Invest in a folding ottoman

trailer hacks ottoman

Some of the RVs we’ve stayed in now have a very lovely living room. An area that may be classified as a living room, thanks to the open concept that connects the living and dining room.

The ‘living room’ in a travel trailer, on the other hand, was a lounge and entertainment center, as well as a sleeping area.

A collapsible ottoman is an excellent way to build your RV living space more pleasant and functional.

We bought one before we even set out on our 17-month journey. We knew we wanted something to put our toes upon for added comfort and storage. It might also be used for additional seating if necessary.

It turned out, we made the best decision ever as the ottoman has a lot of uses and really helped save space on the trailer.

You can purchase a faux fur rug to place on top of the area to give it a more sophisticated appearance. It was the small details like that that helped to improve the atmosphere.

3. Make a towel rack in the bathroom

towel racks campervan life hacks

We are a total of five people sharing one bathroom in our small vacation trailer and we really had to all fit in the small area. Though we really loved the camper life and the setup still worked for us since we loved the outdoors.

Our RV bathroom has a serious storage problem. The cupboard and limited space beneath the sink were the only storage options.

We couldn’t store anything because most of the area under the sink was occupied by pipes.

We didn’t want to bolt anything into our walls, therefore none of these options worked for us. They’re really fragile, as are many travel trailer walls, and we can envision a variety of damage possibilities.

As a result, we chose huge Command towel hooks, which worked flawlessly.

I think I only lost a hook once throughout our 17 months of travel. We were in a humid environment, but I reapplied it and had no problems. We also uninstalled all of the hooks lately, and there was no evidence of glue left behind.

4. Make beautiful backsplash with peel and stick tiles

backsplash trailer hacks

A lot of our RVing pals had done this in their bathroom and kitchen and it really looked fantastic. It not only illuminated the space but also gave it a more modern appearance.

We were so taken with the appearance that we replicated it in our RV kitchenette. It was rather straightforward to install, and it has remained in place so far despite moisture and warmth from the stove, continual movement, and regular use.

It’s also simple to clean. It’s as simple as wiping it down with a basic cleaning solution.

5. Use tension rods to help keep things in place

tension rods travel trailer hacks

This hack doesn’t change the appearance of your RV; it simply prevents plates and drinks from tumbling out during a movement. That is extremely significant.

I’d put one suspension rod in the cabinets that contained our mugs on movement days to another campground. That way, I could rest assured that they were safe.

Another solution is to use bungee cords to prevent your cabinets from flying out throughout the first place. Bungee cables are a useful thing to have in your RV. They’ve proven to be really useful on numerous occasions!

6. Replace the kitchen faucet

new faucet trailer hacks Our RV faucet was a big no-no for us. The handles creaked so loudly that it irritated me, and it was already flimsy.

Thus, we went out and bought a totally new type of faucet. Good thing it really worked well and never has given us any headache so far. The knobs were smooth and didn’t squeal, the water flow was improved, and the overall appearance was improved.

Simply conduct some research to see which taps will fit with your setup.

7. Use contact paper to cover your dinette table

contact paper trailer hacks

This is yet another travel trailer hack I wish we had done to freshen up the unit while residing and traveling in it.

My buddy used marble contact paper intended for kitchen worktops to cover her dinette table, and it turned out nicely. It’s water- and oil-resistant, and it’s simple to clean.

If you don’t like the use of contact paper on your trailer, you may opt to use one of those laminated tablecloths to cover your dining table.

One RVer actually stretched it out and secured it with a staple gun. As she acknowledges, this isn’t a long-term solution, but she paid roughly $11 for it, which isn’t bad for a quick fix to freshen up the room.

8. Replace your trailer curtains

rv curtains trailer hacks

We didn’t replace our trailer curtains in the living room but it was really something that we wished we did. We did remove the unsightly side curtain panels, leaving only the valances. That was big assistance.

When it concerns RV curtains, you have a lot of alternatives. You may make them yourself, buy real RV curtains from places like Camping World, or utilize standard curtain rods and drapes from your home.

If you’re planning a summer trip to Alaska, as many RVers do, you might need to consider investing in RV window shades.

We stayed in Alaska for several years and had to keep these on our windows all year. We used them to darken the rooms in the summer and to try to persuade a child to go to bedtime when the sun was glaring in her face.

It also managed to help in the winter to keep the temperature out on those particularly bleak days. RV curtains are really beneficial for both staying out of the sunlight and providing the needed privacy at times.

9. Laundry should be kept in the tub

laundry basket trailer hacks

When I began investigating everything about the life of living and traveling full-time in an RV, one of my main concerns was how others dealt with their laundry.

I didn’t like the basket placed in the open such as in the living or dining area. It would also just take up space in our bedrooms. I learned that a lot of folks keep their clothes in the tub thanks to a Facebook forum for RVers.

So that’s how we do it, and good thing it suits our everyday activities. We had two spherical laundry baskets that both held and transported the wash to the laundry room. The tubs were simply removed whenever anyone needed to shower. It’s that simple.

10. Your best friend is a basket

We had a basket underneath the sink, a basket on a shelf in the bathroom, and another basket in the bathtub that stored shampoos and soaps, in addition to my laundry basket in the tub.

I could go on about a dozen more travel trailer hacks, but I decided to offer you a breakdown of some simple solutions to help you transform your place into one you love.

I hope these suggestions help you convert your RV and make it seem more like home while also making it more convenient for everyday use or vacationing.

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